Tea Trolley Map

Every area of CHFT will be visited by some friendly faces with a tea trolley, some biscuits and a few questions. Visits won’t be announced and no one needs to be on their best behaviour. The questions are things like ‘what makes you feel valued around here?’ and ‘how do you want your leaders and managers to behave?’ Anyone can volunteer to push the tea trolley.

There’s been some good engagement. We’ve had listening events about things like the car parking

Sometimes as community staff we don’t feel connected in with the rest of the Trust

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The Radiology team asked for a visit from the tea trolley to celebrate World Radiology Day.

The whole team really appreciated our time which was great and the staff enjoyed taking a few moments to enjoy a cuppa and a sweet treat.

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We're really pleased with the recent reconfiguration combining 2 wards and positive about future plans to deliver Primary angioplasty (PCI).

A colleague spoke positively of the support provided to help her to work flexibly which allowed her to manage a long term health condition.

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Provide a drinks service for patients attending outpatient appointment as waiting up to 3 hours without drinks or snack.

All areas which have students should have the opportunity to have a Mentee.

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What's next?

There have already been visits to wards and departments right across the Trust, and loads of cups of tea drunk – it’s where all this lovely stuff in The Cupboard has come from! The tea trolley rounds will continue to be a really important way that we collect feedback and we’ll update the contents of the cupboard on the back of them as we go along.