WTGR (Work Together, Get Results)

What is it?

WTGR stands for ‘Work Together, Get Results’.  It’s how we do things around here!  It’s about how we manage changes and make improvements so that our patients get high quality, compassionate care.  It’s about spotting things that need to be improved and then making the changes and doing the improvement work properly.  So it works.  So it lasts.

Our Work Together, Get Results approach covers two things: one of them is our fantastic change management training programme called ‘Work Together, Get Results’; and the other is some science around how to make those changes and improvements last.  The science bit is called QI or ‘Quality Improvement.


What do we want to achieve?

We’ll have skilled up, creative people who are curious about what we need to do to make changes and improvements, and are prepared to get stuck in to doing this for us, for our patients, for the better.

We’ll have embedded the idea of continuous improvement as ‘the way we do things around here’.



Why is this important at CHFT?

Getting this right will mean we’ll have services for our patients that are getting better and better. We’ll be known as a really forward looking organisation, and a brilliant place to work and we’ll have a reputation for excellence. We’ll constantly be on the lookout for things that need sorting, and we simply won’t put up with things that aren’t good enough!


What is the situation now and what does our feedback tell us?

We know that our ‘Work Together, Get Results’ (WTGR) change management programme gets rave reviews and hundreds of people have been on it.  We now need to bring together some of the WTGR stuff with the ‘improvement science’ to create a separate programme that people can understand and put into use to make things better for patients.  We’ve got some great examples of when we’ve done some brilliant stuff, leading improvements in this country and even abroad, but we need to stop being shy and start celebrating it!


Asset 44 What must we do?

There are some regulations and standards that we need to achieve, from people like the Care Quality Commission and NHS Improvement, who are our regulators. We’ll make sure that we achieve them.



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What do we already do and will keep doing? What will we do differently? What will be new and innovative?

We need to talk about this improvement stuff.  We need to raise awareness of it, give people the tools to do it properly and make it part of our everyday conversations around here.

We need to get to a place where people are used to improvement being part of the day job, and not an ‘add on’ to what they already do.  Oh, and we need to involve our patients and our partner organisations in getting this right too.


How will we know we’ve done it? What are the key performance indicators (KPI’s)?

Some of these improvements will be pretty straightforward to measure.  For instance, we can measure the improvement in things like the number of days that a patient stays in hospital with us, or how well we use our operating theatres.  We’ll have a look at what needs improving and agree the best way to measure what we’ve done.  We’ll create a special section, an electronic WTGR portal, on our intranet so that we can share all the helpful tools and stories about all the successful examples of improvement that we’ve collected at CHFT.

Data and information for each of these measurements will  change every month.  You’ll be able to have a look at them and find out how we’re doing.



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