Talent Management

What is it?

Talent management is a process that enables the Trust to attract and retain talented employees, developing skills, nurturing abilities whilst motivating and engaging our colleagues to deliver compassionate care.


What do we want to achieve?

We have one culture of care, we look after each other and ourselves as much as we look after patients.  In a nutshell, brilliant people delivering brilliant care! When we get this right, we’ll give every individual the opportunity to develop and be their best self. People will be skilled as managers and tooled up as leaders. As leaders, we’ll feel we are part of a wider group of other CHFT people who are also working hard to be good leaders. We’ll know that our talents are supported, valued and rewarded. Not only that, but people outside our organisation will look at us and say ‘I hear CHFT is a cracking place to work: forward – thinking, professional and really rewarding’


Why is this important at CHFT?

Without our talented colleagues we wouldn't be able to provide an outstanding service for patients and service users. Therefore CHFT wants to invest in you. by wrapping One Culture of Care around our colleagues, meaning we look after each other and ourselves as we look after patients.


What is the situation now and what does our feedback tell us?

At the moment, people aren’t always sure of how to progress at work and develop their careers.
Not enough people are thinking ‘I could do that’ – this is about confidence. Not enough people are thinking ‘I am able to go for that’ – this is about competence. We need to sort both.


Asset 44 What must we do?

Our business is about peoples’ health and about peoples’ lives. It is really important that people who work with us have professional standards and carry out their work safely as well as with compassion. There are rules and guidelines about recruitment, performance management and development – we’ll make sure we stick to them.

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What do we already do and will keep doing? What will we do differently? What will be new and innovative?

We reckon that there are four things we need to get right in order to manage our talent. These are:- recruitment (getting great people to work with us); retention (keeping them); performance management (making sure people know what’s expected of them and that they’re able to do the job); development (helping people to be the best they can be).

We are developing a range of initiatives to support your confidence and competence.  We are revamping our recruitment processes and introducing inclusive recruitment and inclusive recruitment panels.  We are refreshing the Trust appraisal paperwork in order that the process works for everybody, irrespective of service, band, profession or characteristics, whilst making sure everyone has a conversation that focuses on their potential, aspirations and readiness, not just their performance. We will develop career ladders/pathways for staff at all levels and within all professions and put in place a plan to address any gaps or risks and all initiatives and programmes will be accessible to each of our colleagues.

Exciting new development opportunities include the introduction of the Leadership Programme (you don’t need to be a leader to access this platform – if you’re interested contact EngagementTeam@cht.nhs.uk

In addition, we’ve developed our Empower Programme – this is an Inclusive Personal Development Programme which is available to anyone who wants to flourish personally and/or professionally.

Furthermore, we’re working in conjuction with Ahead Partnership and C&K Careers who have launched a new careers programme that provides secondary and post-16 school pupils with the opportunity to consider the diverse range of careers available within the Kirklees Health & Care System.  The Kirklees Health & Care Pathways Project will connect young people and employers from across the district, the programme aims to engage every secondary school student in Kirklees within five years, starting with this two-year pilot.

With increasing pressures on the health and care system, and shortages for many of the 400 job roles in the NHS alone, the initiative will make a key intervention to encourage a pipeline of local applicants for high demand areas.  Current and anticipated gaps that have been identified in heatmaps – including midwifery, health psychology, doctors and general practice nursing.  The initiative will also seek to promote important non-clinical roles in the sector.

We’ll also work with local communities to understand the barriers faced by under-represented groups and identify solution to encourage applications from them.


How will we know we’ve done it? What are the key performance indicators (KPI’s)?

For each recipe in The Cupboard there are some key things that we need to measure such as vacancy numbers; staff turnover and retention rates; promotions; and disciplinaries and grievances.  Data and information for each of these measurements will  change every month.  Have a look at them and find out how we are doing.

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