Colleague Engagement

What is it?

Colleague engagement is about listening to and sharing our ideas so that we take action and actually do stuff which improves patient care and the organisation that we work in.

One culture of care is about caring for each other in the same way we care for our patients. That means that it is as important for us to look after ourselves and be kind and compassionate to our colleagues as it is to provide compassionate care to our patients.


What do we want to achieve?

We want a place to work that feels open, and honest; where we aren’t shy about saying how we feel, where we can suggest good ideas; and where we knew we’ll be supported if we pick up on other people’s behaviour that isn’t OK.  We want to make the best contribution to compassionate care that we can, and this means that we will be contributing to making our Trust a successful organisation too.

We reckon that all of this will give us an improved colleague engagement score in our National Staff Survey; a silver accreditation from Investors In People and, of course, show in all the fantastic, high quality compassionate care for our patients!


Why is this important at CHFT?

Great colleague engagement, where everyone knows that we can add our bit and have a ‘feel good’ factor when we help deliver compassionate care, means that we make the best decisions about the care of our patients.


What is the situation now and what does our feedback tell us?

The feedback from staff surveys and the tea trolley rounds says we’re good at using data but need to be better at telling the stories about our successes, and about our efforts to improve things.

We’ve got a range of things already going on that help us to have conversations and share information, for instance the intranet, CHFT Weekly, Star Awards, and CHuFT Awards Do.

Sometimes, some of us such as Health Care Assistants or people who work out in our community settings don’t always feel valued and ‘part of’ the organisation.

We know that we need to improve ‘you said, we did’ – that’s the bit when people make suggestions to improve things but sometimes don’t get to hear what has happened as a result of those suggestions.



Asset 44 What must we do?

There’s some national guidance and legal stuff that we need to do. This includes having a Freedom To Speak Up Guardian; the Friends and Family Test; the NHS National Staff Survey and finally, we need to reach out to everyone, especially to those with a protected characteristic, to create an equitable, diverse and inclusive place to work.

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What do we already do and will keep doing? What will we do differently? What will be new and innovative?

Basically, engaging with people, having conversations and taking action on the back of these is how we’ll do things around here. We’ll wrap one culture of care around our colleagues.  We won’t bad mouth each other either. Instead, we’ll catch people doing things right and ‘good mouth’ them! All of this will help us to spot and celebrate our successes. We’ll have a rolling programme of activities and events across the Trust that everyone can get involved in, and we’ll publicise all of this in our electronic Colleague Engagement Calendar.




And when we do use technology to make things smarter and easier for us and our patients, we won’t just impose it on people, we’ll talk to folk first! We’ll also be using the new NHS Improvement (NHSI) Culture and Leadership programme and toolkit. Last, but not least, we’ll keep on with the famous tea trolley rounds. We’ll make sure we visit every area of our organisation, offer people a cuppa, ask what it’s like around here and listen to ideas and suggestions.


How will we know we’ve done it? What are the key performance indicators (KPI’s)?

For each recipe in The Cupboard there are some key things that we need to measure, we’ll talk things through at the Workforce Committee meetings; review our action plans on the Investors In People and National Staff Survey feedback; and keep an eye on our staff retention rate.

Data and information for each of these measurements will  change every month.  Have a look at them and find out how we’re doing.

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