Training and Development

What is it?

A selection of training and development offerings that help people to feel more confident and more competent on the whole subject of equality, diversity & inclusion.

How will this look?

In terms of training, we have a programme where people can learn to identify discrimination, bullying and harassment, how it affects people and how we can stamp it out. We’ll offer training on ‘unconscious bias’ – the way that, sometimes without even thinking about it, we make decisions based on factors or prejudices that we are familiar with. We’ll develop and improve this training.

In terms of development, we’ve been the regional pioneers of a new programme called Inclusive Mentoring. This has involved working with black, Asian and minority ethnic
(BAME) and white colleagues in mentee and mentor partnerships, so that each partner understands and learns from the experiences of the other. We’ve learnt from our pioneering project and have developed our own in-house version of this important work.

Who is this for?

The training is for everyone. In terms of mentoring, we want to be able to offer a trained mentor to everyone regardless of their background.

When will this be available?


Equality, diversity and inclusion training is already available. The CHFT Inclusive Mentoring programme started in March 2019.

How do I find out more?

Find out more here