Staff Surveys

What is it?

We use a range of different surveys to ask questions about what it’s like around here, and how people are feeling. The feedback helps us to spot when things are going well and not so well, so that we can work together to make improvements.

How will this look?

There are three main surveys. All of them are anonymous, you can’t be identified and so only you know what you’ve put. The answers and numbers are crunched by outside organisations and then they write and send us reports about what people have said.

There’s a National Staff Survey around September time where everyone in the Trust gets the chance to fill in a survey. For the Investors In People (IIP) report, there’s a survey, some group discussions and also one-to-one chats with people. All this feedback goes towards our accreditation score. We’re chuffed to be at Silver level at the moment.

Finally, there’s the staff Friends and Family Test which is a quick online survey three times a year which just asks if people at the Trust would recommend it as a place to work or have health care.

Who is this for?

Everyone at CHFT.

Click here to watch a video from the Hot House in October 2019  showing the fabulous improvement work based on views received from our NHS Staff Survey!

When will this be available?


The surveys are conducted throughout the year. You’ll get yours electronically or some people, for instance anyone on maternity leave, will get them through the post.

How do I find out more?

Getting regular and anonymous feedback on what it’s like to work at CHFT is really important.

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