Representative groups

What is it?

We have groups and committees that come together across the Trust to represent our views and opinions. Conversations with these groups help us to keep engaged with what’s important, and to move things on.

How will this look?

These groups include the Staff Management Partnership Forum (SMPF), the Local Negotiating Committee (LNC); The Medical and Dental Pay and Conditions Committee (MADPACC) and the Council of Governors. All of these groups have people who have been elected or appointed by us to talk about and negotiate things that affect us all at CHFT.

Who is this for?

Some of these representative groups are for people in specific jobs. For instance the Medical and Dental Pay and Conditions Committee is to talk about (guess what…?!) the pay and working conditions of our doctors and dentists. Other groups are open to representatives of trade unions that we belong to. Either way, there’s a representative group for everyone.

When will this be available?


These groups are meeting regularly now.

How do I find out more?

For more information on the different groups and committees that represent us, click on this link.

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