Physical Wellbeing

What is it?

This is about us taking care of our bodies. The body and mind are linked and this can be a powerful first step towards positive mental and emotional health too. We’re talking about activity, rest, nutrition and sleep.

How will this look?

We’ve got people who are volunteering as ‘Wellbeing Champions’ as part of their job. We’ve also got a whole range of activities and events throughout the year to support positive physical wellbeing. In addition we’ll be offering:

  • Musculoskeletal services (MSK) – this means assessments and advice on moving and handling people or equipment, plus training and equipment to help keep our backs and our bones working and healthy
  • Campaigns based on national ‘days’ about physical wellbeing
  • Physical health clinics and health checks
  • A Wellbeing App for friends and family to use too.


Who is this for?

Positive physical wellbeing is everyone’s business. Get involved!

When will this be available?


Some of these things are on offer now. Others are in development.

How do I find out more?

Take a look at the Colleague Engagement Calendar for activities and events that can help with physical wellbeing or find out more below.

Find out more