Performance Management

What is it?

This is about everyone knowing what’s expected of them, doing stuff that we agree needs to be done, and behaving properly. It’s about making sure we are at the very top of our game. We’re a professional organisation and we want to provide the very best care to our patients so it’s important that everyone understands that we have professional standards about what we do and how we do it. This is not about punishing people, it’s about understanding what’s expected, and improvement. But let’s be really clear: if you work here, there’s some ‘must-do’s’ about acceptable behaviour, about sharing our values and about patient safety. Think on!

How will this look?

The annual staff survey shows us what’s good, and what isn’t, about who we are and how we go about our work so we’ll be using the results to tell us where we need to put our energy to improve. There are four areas that will help us to be really clear about performance management.

These are what we’ll concentrate on:

  • Awareness for managers – Our Four Pillars are what we’re all about. They’re our values and they guide us every minute of every day at work. They underpin our compassionate care for our patients and for each other. One of our pillars is ‘We Do the Must-Do’s’ – or put another way, we do the important things that keep us all safe. We’ll make sure that our managers and leaders are clear about what’s expected and are confident to tackle issues or behaviours that are not acceptable.
  • Policies – Oi, you at the back – stifle that yawn! This is important stuff. Policies make things clear and keep us and our patients safe. Policies aren’t the most gripping read but we’re going to make sure that ours are clear and sensible. Clear policies will help everyone to understand our approach to discipline and grievances; or how we have conversations to talk about people’s contribution and well as their development. Where standards of behaviour fall short CHFT will work with you to make improvements, however, a formal process may be needed to resolve the issue.  Support channels are available as we understand going through formal processes can be a difficult time.

  • Appraisal – At least once a year everyone will be able to sit down with their line manager and have an appraisal conversation. This will be about what’s going well (so we can give or get a pat on the back!); what we need to concentrate on for the following year, and how we can look at becoming even better in our work. Oh, and we’ll make the paperwork quick and easy to fill in too.  We have a performance management policy that describes how we will support someone who’s not able to work at the level we need them to. Click here to find out more.  We also have a policy that describes pay progression and what to do when applying for a pay increment.  Click here to read more.
  • Using guidance that works – there’s lots of information to help us look at how good we are and where we need to improve. We’ll put it to good use. For instance, there’s an organisation called NHS Employers. They write about best practice when it comes to people who work in the health service and they have a really useful guide on what performance management is all about.

Who is this for?

Importantly, it’s for everyone who works with us.

When will this be available?


Most of this stuff is available now. We have some amazing appraisal guides, tools and support channels, and we’ll be building more into what we have over the coming months.

How do I find out more?

There’s lots of information on our intranet pages.

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