Hot Houses

What is it?

A hot house is when a gardener puts plants under glass in a greenhouse so that they get concentrated sunlight to help them grow. We’ve pinched the idea! A Hot House at CHFT is when people come together at an event to concentrate on a particular topic and come up with ideas to make it grow! The Hot Houses are part of a new way of working for our Workforce Committee. Whenever there’s something that affects us and we need some good ideas, we’ll have a Hot House event to create a solution together. For instance, we’ve had Hot Houses on how best to use apprenticeships; our approach to health and wellbeing; and how best to recruit people.

How will this look?

There are events held throughout the year and anyone can come. They have a theme and we usually dress up the room (or ourselves – have a look at the OD Kitchen film at the top of the Homepage!) and have some fun too.

Our latest Hot House was about the National Staff Survey and all of the fabulous work that has happened in response to what we said.  Here’s a great little film!


Who is this for?

A Hot House event is open to anyone.

When will this be available?


There’s a programme of Hot House events planned throughout the year.

How do I find out more?

Getting people together to ‘hot house’ a subject is a great way to gather everyone’s ideas and start to put them into action. Click the link below to find out more. It will take you to the Colleague Engagement Calendar

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