Getting us Fit For the Future

What is it?

We’re involved with some new and exciting plans about what our services for patients will be like in the future. We’re looking at how and where we will be delivering compassionate care across our two main hospital sites and in our communities. This means that we need to have the best possible workforce too. Or put another way, the right number of people with the right skills in the right place so that our patients receive the very best care.

How will this look?

There’ll be two important things that we’ll need to get right. One of them is the actual plan of what goes where. This will be about managing change and we’ve got some great planning ‘tools’ to help us do this. In terms of people, the important thing is helping everyone to understand the need for change, helping them prepare for it, helping them to make the changes, and then celebrating how fantastic they were! It’s not just about moving tables and chairs – which is the ‘change’ bit, but about preparing and supporting people to work differently. This is different and is called transition. This will need a whole ‘organisational change process’ and we’ll build this using our existing change management programme, ‘Work Together, Get Results’.

Listen to Ellen Armistead, Director of Nursing, and Lindsay Rudge, Deputy Director of Nursing, talk about the Nursing and Midwifery Strategy 2020/2021: Time to Care.

The main aim of it is to:

  • create the time to care for our patients to support the patient experience
  • build on the foundations of our already excellent workforce, and become an exemplar Trust, recognised nationally
  • make sure the voices of our patients and their families are heard.

Take a look at CHFT’s interactive Colleague Journey Tool; a utensil used to identify how we best support colleagues from the initial stages of the application process, right through to retirement making CHFT the top place to work by:-

  • providing training and development opportunities
  • involving colleagues in CHFT initiatives by giving colleagues the time to participate
  • assisting with planning and preparation for retirement with a range of flexible options to suit… and much more!

Who is this for?

Planning and reconfiguring our services across our new or different hospitals and community facilities will involve everyone.

There’s ‘must dos’ for us to consider when planning our workforce designs with divisions.  We’ve pulled together some guidance to assist you when complete the digital template.


When will this be available?


We’ve already started doing this important planning work.

How do I find out more?

There’s a summary document of where we’re up to in the planning of our future services.

View it here