What is it?

A range of opportunities for us to come together. Some of them will be to celebrate our achievements, and some of them will be designed for us to get stuck in to some thorny issues that need sorting out.

How will this look?

High quality, professional and fun events. They’ll be really engaging and they’ll have a clear purpose. Afterwards, we’ll feel chuffed that we went and we’ll know that our contributions have been valued and that our ideas have been listened to.

We know that people love the whole process of our Celebrating Success awards – especially the big awards night ‘do’! We’ll be taking a fresh look at this to make sure that the awards categories are the right ones – so that they’re open and inclusive – and we’ll make sure that the big ‘do’ is the best it can be!

Our junior doctors do some great work. This was celebrated at our Junior Doctors’ Event in May 2019.

In October 2019 leaders from across the Trust came together at an event to look at 6 of our top most important things. We looked at how having a positive mindset helps us all to crack thorny issues. We worked together on  our  6 important things then made a pitch about our solutions in a fabulous Dragons’ Den finale! The event was our Leadership Conference 2019.

And whilst we are talking about October, we had fun at Halloween too!

Who is this for?

We’ll make sure that, whatever job or department we’re in, there’s an event that folk can go to.

When will this be available?


Look out for details about our new fabulous staff awards event coming in Summer 2020. In the meantime have a look at  the junior doctors’ event which was in May 2019 and the Leadership Conference 2019.



How do I find out more?

There’s a Colleague Engagement Calendar which shows all the events and activities that are planned throughout the year.

View the Colleague Engagement Calendar