Culture & Behaviours

What is it?

This is about all of us recognising and talking about how important it is to have good health & wellbeing at work. It’s about having a common language and a positive attitude and approach to supporting and encouraging health and wellbeing at work. It’s about us looking after ourselves and each other, and making ‘one culture of care’ real!

How will this look?

We’ll see people asking after each other, saying ‘How do you feel?’ ‘What can I do to support you?’ ‘What are the barriers to your good idea and how can I help to remove them?’ We’ll ‘good mouth’ as opposed to bad mouth each other. This means catching our team mates doing something right and complimenting them on it. We’ll also look at our policies and procedures that are about managing people and make sure that they include stuff about good health & wellbeing. These are policies for things like managing attendance at work; flexible working; compassionate leave; rest breaks; and essential safety training.

Who is this for?

We are all responsible for playing our part in creating one culture of care – a culture that is compassionate and caring about each other, as well as our patients.

When will this be available?


It’s here. It’s us. It’s now. Go on, ‘good mouth’ someone right now…!

How do I find out more?

Our values are represented by our Four Pillars and you can see our values in how we behave every day.

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