What is it?

We want it to be easy to find out what’s going on. We want to know what’s important and if we need to do anything. It’s a whole package of messages, instructions, and stories.  Some of them are about us, some of them are about our patients.

How will this look?

The important thing is that these messages, instructions and stories are easy to find, easy to read and they make it clear if there’s something we need to do when we’ve heard them. There’s a range of communication ‘tools’ that can do this. For instance, we’ve got the intranet, CHFT News, team meetings, screensavers and events. We want to develop ‘Ask Owen’ into ‘Tell Owen’ too!

NEW!  Podcasts

What is a podcast? …. if you haven’t heard it’s a digital audio file on the internet typically available as a series.

This is a brand new space for us to talk about who we are and what we do.  We are all part of One Culture of Care.  This means we care for each other in the same way that we care for our patients so our podcasts will become a little library of stories from loads of different people who work here.

Podcast 1: Gavin Boyd, Consultant Microbiologist and Clinical Director for Pathology

Listen to our very own Gavin Boyd talk about his job, the work of his team, and his health and wellbeing tip, as well as his thoughts on why CHFT is a great place to work.


Podcast 2: Gary Boothby, Executive Director of Finance

Wowzers, speedy gonzales – here’s our second podcast!  Listen to Gary Boothby talk about his work, the football team he supports … (who?!) and the food he’s most looking forward to enjoying after COVID-19.  You can also read Gary’s blog, which he’s been so kind as to share with us, to find out what it’s been like working from home, self-isolating and shielding.


Podcast 3: Nicola Hosty, Freedom to Speak Up Guardian/Equality Diversity and Inclusion Manager shares with us how the health & wellbeing package has been put into place quickly to look after our fantastic colleagues working at CHFT and what Nikki is most looking forward to with her family.


Podcast 4: They’re rolling in thick and fast, here’s our positively brilliant Errol Brown, Contract Manager, Purchasing and Supplies.  Family and shopping are top of his list – find out where he gets his trendy threads from.


In podcast 5: Listen to Azizen Khan, Assistant Director of Human Resources, speak about why Ramadan is important to her, her family and other Muslim friends and colleagues, the symbolic meaning of the date fruit and what adaptations have been put in place for Muslims to pray due to Covid-19.


Podcast 6: Our newly appointed Emma Kovaleski, Charity Manager, looks back on her first year in post at CHFT.  Listen to why she is passionate about raising funds to make a difference for both patients and colleagues.  Find out why running, kindness, team spirit and one culture of care are just a handful of all things important to Emma.


Podcast 7: Caroline Crothers, Benefits Lead/Project Team Leader for the Voice Recognition Pilot, gives an insight into both of her roles at CHFT and the number of people that have been through her bedroom … you’ll have to have a listen to to find out more!


Podcast 8: Dawn Moss, Discharge Co-ordinator, talks about her journey here at CHFT and her redeployment into a COVID-19 ward.  Her positivity is truly amazing as is the love for her family, Ronnie and her touring caravan.


Podcast 9: Charlotte North, Assistant Director of Human Resources, wows us with how many colleagues have been recruited in such a short space of time due to COVID-19.  Her annual leave planning is amazing; we can all use this tip to help with our own health and well-being and a trip to Merry England is on the cards as soon as it’s an option.


Podcast 10: Mr Neeraj Bhasin, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Associate Medical Director, CHFT and Regional Clinical Director for Vascular Services across West Yorkshire Associate of Acute Trusts (WYAAT),  tells us a bit more about his 3 roles, his ‘moment’ with Nadine and Sarah of Girls Aloud and his hopes and fears for Huddersfield Town football club in podcast number 10!


Podcast 11: Claire Folan, Community Therapy Services Manager, gives an insight into community services following her appointment to the Community Therapy Services Manager role in April 2020.  Her role has been quite different due to the COVID-19 pandemic with her team of therapists and nurses being deployed into hospitals to assist with supporting rapid access.  Claire also shares her health & wellbeing tip which involves social media.


Podcast 12: Pauline North, Medical HR Manager, talks about recruiting to medical vacancies, the rotation of doctors in training from Health Education England, the wider work of her perfectly formed team and her love of gardening.


Podcast 13: Dr Sal Uka, Consultant in Paediatrics and Medical Lead for West Yorkshire Associate of Acute Trusts (WYAAT), shares what’s involved in his role as a Consultant in Paediatrics and the development of a specialist epilepsy team for children.  He also shares with us his collaborative work as the Medical Lead for WYAAT working with 6 NHS trusts delivering acute hospital services to 2.6 million people across West Yorkshire and Harrogate.  Take him up on his tip for getting to know your colleagues and the importance of looking after yourself as well as others.


Podcast 14: Liz Preston, Senior Pharmacy Technician/Dispensary Manager, shares with us what it means to be a nice human, longing for a trip to Ireland and how much her role has changed for the better through digital technology improvements since COVID.


Podcast 15: Natalie Wood, Paediatric Liaison Sister, Child Protection, Safeguarding Team, speaks very candidly and honestly about her background, balancing studying and being a full time Mother as well as how the impact of COVID could be for years to come for her and her team.


Podcast 16: Ansah Jamil, Community Specialist Practitioner, District Nursing, talks us through what it’s like to be a District Nurse in the community and at Beechwood Health Centre.  Ansah describes her role as being almost like a  ‘ward without walls’ and gives some great advice that we should listen to understand and not listen to respond.  Ansah also gets a gold star for answering our fantasy sandwich question using the cupboard recipe cards!!


Podcast 17: Andrea Vickerman, Training Lead for End of Life Care, tells us all about how she’s saved the Trust 100k+, what the Trust have done with the 3k+ knitted hearts we’ve received and how her and her team have had to completely change their role to react to COVID-19.  She’s got an open door policy and recommends that smiling at one another in the corridor makes the whole Trust a happier place to work.


Podcast 18: Lorna Wilson, Speech and Language Therapist in Paediatrics, explains that speech therapy isn’t ‘just’ talking – it involves all forms of communication. During COVID their team has successfully used digital technology to mimic face to face assessment enabling them to spend more time with families and patients.


Podcast 19: Sean Henderson, Junior Doctor / General Surgical Registrar, talks us through his decision to be a non-training doctor to focus on building a career and relationships here at CHFT, the support from his Consultants and fellow colleagues/team members and his aspirations.  Learn of his hobbies and his rather unusual well-being tip which involves the phrase “if you can’t love yourself, how the h**l are you going to love someone else!”.  Do you know who this is…?  There may be a prize on offer for the first person to drop the correct answer into the Engagement Team inbox…!!


Podcast 20: Kathleen Graham, Community Clinical Lead for Speech and Language Therapy, talks us through how proud she is of everybody pulling together to support one another  right now, how they’ve adapted their clinical skills in order to provide the best care for patients at home throughout COVID and how the old saying “necessity is the mother of invention” has allowed her and her team to reflect on the ways they can improve their services to support patient care during COVID.


Podcast 21: Suzanne Dunkley, Executive Director of Workforce and Organisational Development

Ahead of the launch of the Leadership Development Programme, Suzanne Dunkley, Executive Director of Workforce and Organisational Development, describes what leadership is about and what good leadership means to her.  She references the importance of finding the right people for the right job, spotting talent and her difficulties with drinking champagne over the years!


Podcast 22: Philip Lewer, Chair, Board of Directors, describes himself as a family man and an”embarrassing” Grandad.  He talks about the transferrable skills he learnt whilst working in the market at the beginning of his career through to what he does in his role of Chair at CHFT, why we don’t want any ‘fed-up clubs’ and how one culture of care to him just means CHFT.  He invites any colleagues who wish to attend the Board to do so (with their managers permission!) and his best well being tip is simply to be yourself and do your best, that’s all you can do.


Podcast 23: Dr Shaheed Rahman, Consultant Anaesthetist, talks us through his long term career at CHFT, his wife’s ‘near miss’ giving birth on the motorway on the way to CHFT and the ‘‘bare-necessities’ of life!  Even after working in ICU during COVID, Shaheed explains how he feels that every key-worker is playing a vital role right now and that perhaps it’s time we re-thought the phrase ‘frontline’.


Podcast 24: Dr Sarah Saqib, Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, talk passionately about how team-working and one culture of care is inherent to CHFT, the benefits of using digital technologies to improve clinics and gives a big shout out to her fellow maternity colleagues who have continued to provide exceptional face to face compassionate patient care for maternity patients during COVID. Dr Saqib also takes us through her successful CESR programme and for any colleagues that are listening who want to be a Consultant one day she has a message of ” the path to becoming a Consultant might be a difficult one but the view at the top is worth it”.


Podcast 25: Luke Stockdale, Digital Transformation Director, talks through how he’s managed to engage with over 300 colleagues when developing the new digital strategy, how the use of Microsoft Teams and VDI has been a huge success for CHFT and how he believes regardless of job title or banding that we’re all leaders. His fantasy sandwich is possibly one of the most unique answers we’ve had yet and his advice for all is don’t eat yellow snow!”


Podcast 26: Karen Austin (Guy!), Lead Nurse in Medicine Management, believes that medicine management is everyone’s business. Karen chats about how her role is to be the hybrid between supporting nurses and pharmacists with medicine management. Karen shares a great well-being tip which is save positive emails and great feedback that you get into an area on your computer that you can look back at when you’re having a bad day and in need of a boost. We are proud to also share that Karen was in fact the 1st registered nurse to work in pharmacy in the UK here at CHFT and talks us through a very special award that she has won, you’ll have to listen to find out more!


Podcast 27: Richard Hill, Senior Collaboration Specialist – Information and Communication Technology, is one of those people that most colleagues in CHFT know, he is always helping others and is a real driving force behind bringing these podcasts to you all, we couldn’t have done it without him! Richard talks us through how great it has been to watch the digital advancements we’ve made as a Trust as colleagues have embraced technology more so than ever before, he tells us in the past 4 months we’ve sent over 1 million instant messages via Teams and has me in stitches telling me what ‘not’ to use as wallpaper background when in serious teams meetings!


Podcast 28: Amanda Mckie, Matron Lead for Learning Disabilities (Adults), is passionate about ensuring all colleagues watch ‘Freddie’s’ story on ESR; a video which explains the importance of adapting communication to the patients needs.  In addition, Amanda shares a fab well-being tip for the shower at the end of a long day.









Podcast 29: Claire Bushby-Muffitt, Facilities Manager, Cleaning Services, started her career at CHFT as a physiotherapists receptionist, fast forward 14 years and she’s recently been promoted to Deputy Head of Facilities! Claire talks us through the 24 hour service her team of 200 domestic colleagues provide and how proud she is of every domestic colleague for their commitment and dedication to their role during COVID. I think we can all agree that our domestic colleagues are an absolutely vital part of the team at CHFT.  Their hard work, especially during the past few months, is absolutely invaluable and is appreciated by every single one of us.


Podcast 30: Barry Mortimer, by day Senior Human Resources Advisor and by night Rockstar Grandad who loves going to live gigs with his Grandaughter. Barry tells us all about CHFT’s mediation process and encourages any colleagues who may require support to get in touch. Barry also shares with us how he is making policies and procedures more user friendly, human and accessible than ever before, to ensure our policies reflect one culture of care in all that we do.


Podcast 31: Carys Bentley, Medical Rota and Agency Pre-Approval Administrator, works in the Flexible Workforce Team.  Carys chats with us about how she was the first person to be appointed into this newly formed role in the Trust.  Planning rotas is sometimes an unnoticed yet invaluable role here at CHFT.  Carys goes onto explain how fast paced each day has been during COVID in relation to the unavoidable ever changing rotas as different colleagues went into shielding regularly.


Podcast 32: Dr Owen Williams OBE, Chief Executive, talks us through how he see’s his role as being here to serve our local communities and shares his heartfelt thanks to all colleagues at CHFT for everything they do. Owen believes there is no such thing as a small act of kindness and he chats to us about the importance of health and well-being and learning to switch off.


Podcast 33: Karen Farrar, Matron, General Surgery, talks us through one time she got stuck on a carousel, her 5-10 rule and how she hopes to inspire the next generation of Nurses. A huge thank you to Karen who was instrumental in our reverse clap thank you campaign as well.


Podcast 34: Ian Kilroy, Resilience & Security Manager, talks us through what we have to do here at CHFT to prepare for any potential emergency situations in podcast 34. He shares his personal experience with being a patient and his tip is “everyday is a different day, learn to live with changes”.


Podcast 35: Robert Dadzie, Environment Manager, Estates, talks us through his first 7 weeks at CHFT in the middle of a pandemic. In addition, he asks us to all think about being more sustainable at work and at home and shares some great tips on how to do just that!


Podcast 36: Dr Anu Rajgopal, Consultant Microbiologist, Infection Lead and Guardian of Safe Working.  We catch up with Dr Rajgopal who has 3 roles at CHFT, Consultant Microbiologist, Infection Lead and Guardian of Safe Working.  She chats about welcoming the new junior doctors at the August changeover, she proudly talks about the Community Examiner Awards in which CHFT received the biggest achievement of the night and how she believes everyone can reflect upon how ‘you’ can contribute to change and be a part of the team!


Podcast 37: Liam Hardy, Business Intelligence Administration Apprentice, and self pro-claimed ‘ESR Guru’, chats to us about his experience of being a Project Search Intern, adjusting to working from home during COVID19 and how he celebrated his 21st birthday pre-lockdown with James, his best friend since he was very young.


Podcast 38: Sally Phillips, Workforce Benefits Co-ordinator, talks us through the amazing staff discounts, her role in maternity support and how you could win £5000!  Sally asks everyone to regularly check out the workforce benefits intranet page and Twitter account to stay up to date with all of the latest deals.


Podcast 39: Adele Roach, Assistant Finance Manager, kindly shares her lived experience of race both from a personal and professional perspective in this podcast.  Adele talks us through that no matter our age, we can all make a conscious effort to learn about and appreciate what others experience.  Adele teaches us that we’re all the same underneath, it’s just that we’re just wrapped in a different ‘wrapping paper’!  If you’d like to learn more about CHFT’s BAME network or if you have any questions get in touch with us at


Podcast 40: National Inclusion Week – LGBTQ. Christopher Button, Sister/Charge Nurse Cancer Support, talks openly about his lived experience of being a member of the LGBTQ community and what that felt like in both a personal and professional capacity. His lasting words are that ‘we’re all different, we’re all unique and without diversity life would be boring!


Podcast 41: National Inclusion Week – Disabilities. Mike Lucraft, THIS Clinical System Support Administrator, talks to us about his experience of living with a disability and how this has impacted him both professionally and personally.  Mike shines light on how even the simplest of things such as going for a drink with friends can sometimes feel like an expedition and asks that we all try to empathise with others. It’s about thinking, ‘could that meeting be virtual’? or ‘could there be a better room to have the meeting in that doesn’t have any physical barriers that someone in a wheelchair might struggle with?’


Podcast 42: National Inclusion Week – LGBTQ. Emma Evans, Medical Secretary / Administrator, talks to us about her experience of her daughter being a member of the LGBTQ community and advises that it’s all about embracing difference and learning to understand one another.


Podcast 43: Helen Barker, Chief Operating Officer

National NHS Staff Survey – Helen Barker, Chief Operating Officer, asks if you have you completed your National NHS Staff survey yet and had your say?  Listen to this short informal podcast recording which talks us through why it’s important that we all take the time to share our views and shout out about what works well and what we’d like to improve.


Podcast 44: World Mental Health Day – 10 October 2020. Ruth Lush, Project Manager, Cancer Alliance, talks about all thing’s mental health and kindly shares her lived experiences with mental health and anxiety over the years and shares her coping strategies. Ruth is a big advocate of the 1-hour a week wellbeing initiative and echoes the Trust’s health and wellbeing support in saying ‘It’s OK not to be OK’.  If you’re listening to this recording and feel you’d like some support, or you would like to talk to someone about the different options available, then please get in touch with Nicola Hosty 


Podcast 45: Ruth Mason, Associate Director of Organisational Development, talks us through the importance of ‘having our say’ and completing the National NHS Staff Survey.   Ruth provides some informal context and background to the National NHS Staff Survey, how it helps us to understand the ‘full picture’ at the Trust and what also happens with the results. Have a listen to find out more!


Podcast 46: Lee Earnshaw, Ward Host, Catering Team, tells us he has been at CHFT for 22 years, ever since he left school! He explains that on average there are 700 meals that go out to patients every mealtime, every day and that the most popular option is fish and chips on a Friday. Lee says try stay positive, have a smile, and make the most of everyday!


Podcast 47: Dr Nicola Hardman, Consultant Microbiologist, shares with us her experience of working as a Microbiology Consultant throughout the pandemic, balancing family life with working and how building in a ‘commute’ to work even if you’re working from home can be a huge benefit for your mental health.


Podcast 48: Ansah Jamil, Freedom to Speak Up Ambassador, talks to us about her role as a FTSU Ambassador for CHFT.  Ansah explains how to raise a concern, the benefits of doing so and advises that Ambassadors are there for everyone to talk to if anyone needs a chat.


Podcast 49: Andrew Mould, Transport, Equipment & Security Services Manager, talks passionately about how proud he is of his hardworking team.  He takes us through the sheer volume of transport tasks his team get and how in and amongst the pandemic his team have moved office. All with a smile on their faces!


Podcast 50: Alison Ward, Tissue Viability Nurse, Wound Management, has been in post just over a year and she talks us through the creation of this brand-new team.  Alison uses a saying “it’s our role to look at the whole of the patient, not just the hole in the patient” which we thought was quite a good way of thinking about compassionate patient care.  Alison also says that we should all ask the questions we think are silly, because chances are others are also thinking the same thing!


Podcast 51: Dr Tim Jackson, Consultant Anaesthetist, had a chat with us back in September 2020.  At the time of the recording, we were between the two waves of COVID19. During the podcast Tim talks us through why he’s passionate about encouraging colleagues to give One Culture of Care a chance by engaging with it and how COVID was a unique opportunity for him during his career to put all of his lifelong training into practice. We also chat all things Netflix, what it’s like to be an Anaesthetist and how he was once introduced as the ‘gas man’ at a party.


Podcast 52: Sidhra Waheed, Staff Nurse, Rehabilitation, chats with us about organising a Betty’s inspired party for one of her patients. Sidhra shows us what One Culture of Care is all about and is a shining example of the kind of compassionate care we’re proud of here at CHFT. Thank you Sid!”


Podcast 53: Dr Purav Desai, Acute Medicine Consultant, talks us through CHFT’s incredible work on the Recovery trial. This research is pioneering in relation to our knowledge and understanding of COVID19. Have a listen to find out more about this award winning research and the amazing work our colleagues in the Research and Development Team have done.  If you’d like to find out more about the trial or if you’ve have COVID yourself and would like to donate your plasma then please click this link for more information


Guest podcasts

Spot light on…

Podcast A: Richard Mitchell, Chief Executive Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Richard Mitchell, Chief Executive of Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, explains how good leaders need to show a genuine interest and be kind to their team to create a positive culture. One great tip he shares is “if you’re not going to be worried about that ‘thing’ in a weeks’ time, try not to worry about it tonight” so try see thing in 24 hour cycles.

Podcast B: Robert Webster, Chief Executive of South West Yorkshire NHS Trust

Robert Webster, Chief Executive of South West Yorkshire NHS Trust kindly shares his career journey with us, which includes working at the Department of Health. Rob talks with us about what it means to be a leader and believes that values based leadership is the key to being a successful leader.

Podcast C: Andrew Greenway, Project Development Champion, Andys Man Club

Andrew Greenway, Project Development Champion, Andy’s Man Club, talks about challenging the stigma associated with suicide and encourages men to talk openly and freely.

Andy’s Man Club was formed following the unexpected suicide of Andy Roberts, aged 23 years old.  Andy’s Mum, Elaine, and his brother in law, Luke Ambler, felt that Andy’s death could have been avoided if there had been support available.  As a result a group was set up where men could come along for a cuppa and a chat.  That first night in the small, northern town of Halifax 9 men turned up and spoke in July 2016.

It was clear that other guys across the country needed this same experience.  Having worked tirelessly through Andy’s memory there’s now 59 clubs across the country which meet on a Monday evening at 7pm.  To find your nearest group visit their website  WWW.ANDYSMANCLUB.CO.UK  #ITSOKAYTOTALK


*Due to the COVID-19 position our normal super-duper facilities are unavailable.  Our professional quality recordings will return as soon as possible.


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