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Our strategy

The following is based on a true story. From June 2018 onwards we started to have loads of conversations with loads of different people right across CHFT. These conversations were about what kind of place we want our organisation to be. The conversations were also about making sure that everyone had a chance to contribute; about making it easy for people to talk about what was important to them; about making sure that the report on the back of these conversations was not long and boring; and about us keeping on having these conversations so that they’re not just a one-off thing.

We already know that at CHFT we’re all about delivering compassionate care. And we’ve already said that we need ‘a workforce for the future’.  View our 1 year and 10 year plan here.

But what’s coming out loud and clear is “Let’s create an organisation that’s known for one culture of care. This means we care for each other in the same way as we care for our patients”

As well as having these conversations we looked at other things too.  The NHS People Plan for 2020/2021 is all about us.  It talks about 4 important themes; looking after our people, belonging in the NHS, new ways of working and delivering care and growing for the future.  Further detail is provided in the WE ARE THE NHS: People Plan for 2020/2021 – action for us all.  A summary is also available.

We also looked at our report from an organisation called Investors In People. They’ve been working with us for a couple of years now and do an assessment report based on what people at CHFT have told them about what it’s like to work here. Every year we also look at our results from the National Staff Survey. Again, these results are based on our feedback to this annual anonymous questionnaire.  We also had a look at what our local partners are aiming for, for example the Calderdale Wellbeing Strategy which is set within the ‘Calderdale Vision 2024’, and the Strategy for Kirklees.


The upshot is: a bottom up, co-created, colleague- crafted, cuppa and conversation catch-all called The Cupboard!

It’s a strategy specifically for everyone who works at CHFT, us –
welcome to The Cupboard

Right then, so what kind of things are we talking about? It’s things like:

What is The Cupboard?

The Cupboard is simply what we call our Organisational Development strategy – it’s about us, it’s our ‘people’ strategy. The strategy is made up of 7 important priorities. These are the 7 things that affect everyone who works at CHFT, and these are the things that we’re going to concentrate on. You’ll find these 7 priorities, our ‘recipes for success, inside The Cupboard.

These 7 recipe cards are everything you’ll need to know about your contribution to delivering compassionate care at CHFT. And like all good recipes, you’ll find a list of the key ingredients, and how to use them!

The way we’ve all helped to create The Cupboard, with its recipe cards and key ingredients says a lot about how we do things around here. Have a look at this short film which shows how you helped to put it all together.

The Cupboard is quick and easy to use. Have a look around, press or click on buttons, pictures and icons – you won’t get lost and you can’t break it

What’s inside The Cupboard?

1. Recipe Card

Inside The Cupboard you’ll find 7 recipe cards along with their key ingredients – these are the things you’ll need to know about your contribution to compassionate care at CHFT.

Whilst we all work together through the Covid-19 pandemic now, more than ever, it’s important that we feel safe and supported.  You’ll find a really good package of support, guidance and information on the Health & Wellbeing recipe card.

Select a recipe card below

2. Colleague Engagement Calendar

You’ll find a Colleague Engagement Calendar. This is an electronic version of the good old fashioned wall planner! This is your guide to the events and activities happening across the Trust, throughout the year. It shows when and how you can get involved – with everything from flu campaigns and awards ceremonies, to when our board meetings are, and fun things happening around key dates or sporting events.

3. Tea Trolley Map

You’ll find a route map and all the feedback from the Tea Trolley Rounds – the quick and fun way that you’ve contributed to The Cupboard by having a cuppa and a chat when the trolley visited you.

Finally, you’ll find this icon. When you click on it, it’ll take you straight through to more information. Please keep in mind that in order to access those links outside of the office you need to have a VPN access.

If you would like to provide feedback please contact by clicking the link here or in the footer of every page.

Our Four Pillars

Our vision: Together we will deliver outstanding compassionate care to the communities we serve

You can see our values in how we behave every day:

I treat patients as people – I listen to their needs and respect their differences

I am kind, friendly & compassionate to myself and others

I seek out information and use it to make good decisions

I seek out opportunities to learn and make things better

I recognise and value everyone’s contribution

I look for solutions and improvement with a can-do, positive approach

I take responsibility for my behaviour, actions and learning

I champion the rules that deliver compassionate care

Our local picture and partners

At our Huddersfield site things like cleaning, catering, portering and security are taken care of by our colleagues at Calderdale and Huddersfield Solution (CHS).  CHS is a wholly owned subsidiary of our Trust.  Read more about their People Strategy.

The care that we give to our patients at CHFT is part of a wider community of health and social care organisations across West Yorkshire and Harrogate. Here’s a picture of where we, and you fit in.


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