Workforce Plan

What is it?

This is our plan of what we think our workforce needs to look like for the next 12 months. It also includes important stuff about all the things we do to look after patients (our ‘activity’), and about our finances. The plan is given a really good going over by people at NHSI (NHS Improvement – one of our regulators) to see if we have a sensible approach to our money, our services and our people.

How will this look?

In the plan we describe how many people we think we will need over the year, how we will deal with vacancies, what our sickness rate is, what the rate that people leave us and go elsewhere is, and how often we think we’ll need to buy in shifts from our staff bank and from external staff agencies.

Who is this for?

This plan is a ‘must-do’ and it’s sent to people at NHSI (NHS Improvement – one of our regulators)

When will this be available?


Work starts on pulling the information together at the annual planning events in October/November. It’s drafted and redrafted until it’s ready to be submitted in April.

How do I find out more?

We’ve designed a workforce planning tool that helps us link activity, money and people together.

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