Visible Values

What is it?

At CHFT it’s all about the Four Pillars – We Put The Patient First; We Go See; We Work Together to Get Results; and We Do The Must-Do’s. In fact, we’ve even called our cracking change management programme Work Together, Get Results (WTGR). We want to see leaders and managers living, sleeping, eating and breathing the values of this and our Four Pillars.

How will this look?

Anyone or any team will be solving problems, having conversations or spotting opportunities for improvement whilst working with and through these values. Patients and colleagues alike will be able to spot a ‘can –do’ attitude, a systematic approach and a smiling face!

Who is this for?

This means you! Anyone who manages anyone else can book onto Work Together Get Results and learn more about the tools and values here. You’ll be discussing them and how you put them into practice in your job as part of your annual appraisal conversation too.

When will this be available?


The Four Pillars and our values are an everyday part of how we deliver compassionate care.

How do I find out more?

The Four Pillars are what we are all about at CHFT.

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