What is it?

You’re hired! This is about attracting talented and kind people to deliver compassionate care to our patients or to support those who do.


How will this look?

We’ll have a reputation as a centre of excellence for recruitment, and people in our local area will actively want to work for us. We want to hire talented people not just for how good they are at the job, but for their values too.

Effective recruitment is a big part of our people strategy so we’ve put our heads together and developed a 3 year plan which is our recruitment strategy.  If we get this bit right, we’ll definitely create one culture of care – looking after the people who look after the people!

What we’ll do is:

  • Train people up in how to interview and assess people for who and how they are, not just for their qualifications and experience from other jobs. Our governors help to interview people so we’ll train them up too
  • Inspire young people to come and work for us by going out to schools and universities and talking about our careers and the great work that we do – not just our clinical colleagues but our administration experts and support staff too.
  • Make sure that people out there know that we offer flexible working as part of the deal. We’ll publicise and promote flexibility through our adverts and the information that we send out to people who are thinking of joining us
  • Big up the fact that as an NHS Trust we’re really good at using technology as a way of helping us to deliver brilliant compassionate care!
  • Hold Career Clinics every other month for people who already work here. This will give them information and guidance so that they can plan for their next career move, hopefully with us!
  • Help people understand that apprenticeships nowadays aren’t just about a great job as an electrician or a health care assistant. There are higher apprenticeships for jobs such as managers and nurses. We’ll talk to schools and colleges about this
  • Have a really good ‘spring clean’ of our whole recruitment process. Have we got the right wording in our adverts? Are we advertising in the right places, in the best way? What’s it like to be recruited by CHFT and are there any blockers that could get in the way of it all being a really brilliant, positive experience?
  • Hold ‘listening groups’ with people who have just joined us and find out from them where we could make our processes even better
  • Make sure we advertise and promote our rewards and recognition package to people who are thinking of applying to work here. You’ll find more information about our Rewards & Recognition package on the Colleague Engagement recipe card
  • Work with the University of Huddersfield to help us create new roles and to make sure that we’ve got the right mix of skills in any given area
  • Here at CHFT we’re proud to have signed the Armed Forces Covenant and honoured to have been awarded Silver on the Ministry of Defences’ Employer Recognition Scheme in August 2020.  In addition to this, we are also a ‘Veteran aware’ Trust as we are accredited to the Veterans Covenant Healthcare Alliance (VCHA). We recognise the fantastic transferrable skills the Armed Forces service men and women can bring to CHFT and we endeavour to support all colleagues who have a connection with the Armed Forces through our occupational health support and Armed Forces Champions. We’ve also created an Armed Forces network and we would love it if you got involved, everyone is welcome.  If you are interested in getting involved or if you have any queries please contact or

Who is this for?

This stuff is aimed at a range of people. It could be youngsters who aren’t sure what jobs there might be available in the NHS; it could be people who have never worked in the NHS and fancy a change; or it could be people who already work for us or somewhere else in the NHS and are looking for a move. Our job is to make sure that, if they’re right for us, they choose to work for us!

When will this be available?


As part of the recruitment strategy we are working on all of this right now.

How do I find out more?

If you want more information about how we recruit people, have a word with our Recruitment Team.

Contact the Recruitment Team by email