New Roles and Volunteers

What is it?

Sometimes in the NHS we know there are jobs where there is a local or national shortage, or where we are struggling to recruit. This is about us thinking differently or more creatively about how we can make sure that we have the right number of people with the right skills in place so that our patients receive the very best care.

How will this look?

We will think carefully about the best way to deliver care to our patients and continually refresh our view about what the best roles are to make this happen. We’ve introduced new roles already. We’ve had fantastic feedback about our Physician Associates (these are people who work alongside and support doctors) and we’re seen as a champion across the region for this new role. We’ve also got Nursing Associates working with us (these are people who work alongside and support registered nurses) and looking to recruit even more in the coming months. Both of these are really good examples of what we’re trying out.

We also have an amazing group of volunteers who are helping us and supporting us across the organisation. They do incredible work and they do it all for free. We’ll make sure that we work hard to support them, recognise their contribution and make them feel valued. This is about us looking after the fantastic people from our local communities who want to do their bit for the NHS.

Who is this for?

We want to make sure that everyone knows what’s new and how we are modernising care.

When will this be available?


We’re on with this now. We’re constantly looking at opportunities to plan and develop new roles and volunteering opportunities.

How do I find out more?

To see how we plan for our future workforce have a look at our planning tool.

Take a look