Materials & Resources

What is it?

This is about creating our improvement ‘toolkit’.  It will be a collection of really useful stuff that we can use to make improvements.

How will this look?

The toolkit will include things like:

  • Case studies – these are real stories of how we’ve made real improvements.  They’ll talk about what the problem was, who was involved and what we did to improve things.  People will be able to read them and pinch good ideas to use in their areas!
  • Tools and techniques – we’ll refresh the WTGR tools and introduce new Quality Improvements tools.  There’s a 3Rs (Results, Reality, Response) blank canvas for you to use which will help you crack that thorny problem and make the breakthrough that you’ve been looking for.
  • Train the trainer – we’ll train up people so that they can deliver training on how to make improvements.
  • Materials – this will include things like ‘How Do’ booklets, blank work canvases, and tips on how to use social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share our improvement stories.

Who is this for?

These materials will have attractive designs and be easy to read so that everyone can be involved.

When will this be available?


This exciting work has already begun.

The 3Rs canvas is available now!

How do I find out more?

Again, get involved! You can request to join our closed Facebook group by logging into Facebook and searching Improve@CHFT.