Leadership and Engagement

What is it?

This is about driving and inspiring everyone to seek to constantly improve care and services for patients, consistently ‘putting the patient first’.

How will this look?

We’ll have a plan that lists everyone that needs to be involved and how and when we’ll do this.  It will include a whole range of people as well as us, such as patients, members of our board of directors and other organisations that we work with.  We’ll use this as part of our wider WTGR plan of what needs tackling and how and when we’re going to do this.  We’ll use good data and information to help us too.  Things like compliments, survey data, complaints, and focus group discussions will all be put to good use.

Who is this for?

We can all contribute to making improvements.  The WTGR plan will help us to focus on where we put our energy and creativity.  Get involved!


When will this be available?


We’ve already started to have workshops where people have shared their ideas and suggestions.  Our board of directors have ring fenced time in their diaries to ‘walk the floor’ and talk to patients about where and how we can improve things.  All of this will carry on.

How do I find out more?

You can join up!  There’s a closed Facebook group where you can learn and get involved.  You can request to join the group by logging into Facebook and searching Improve@CHFT.