Knowledge, Skills & Capability

What is it?

This is about helping people to get ‘tooled up’ and confident to work with others and make top notch, lasting improvements to what we do.

How will this look?

This is about training up a group of people so that they can work with others to use the WTGR tools on specific improvement projects and programmes.  The people leading the improvement work will have also been on the ‘Work Together, Get Results’ (WTGR) change management programme.  We’ll have a database of skilled people who know what they’re doing and can help others to make improvements in their own areas.

Who is this for?

Improvements can be made by anyone.  Get tooled up!

When will this be available?


Our change management programme ‘Work Together, Get Results’ (WTGR) is available now.  Click this link to find out more and get booked on. 


How do I find out more?

If you’d like to offer your ideas and suggestions, and make improvements to where you work, join us!  You can request to join our closed Facebook group by logging into Facebook and searching Improve@CHFT.