Four Pillars programmes

What is it?

Our Four Pillars underpin everything that we do around here. There’s more information on the Homepage. We’ve got a programme of stuff that we use to make improvements and change things for the better. It’s called after one of our Four Pillars – ‘Work Together, Get Results’. We want to make the other three pillars come to life in this way so we’ll create a programme for each of them too.

How will this look?

‘ We Put The Patient First’ will be about, well…just that! We’ll create a programme that looks at how to make good decisions about our compassionate patient care. ‘We Go See’ will be about how we can learn from evidence, data or best practice; or even from visiting other organisations and learning from them so that we can make things better for everyone who works here. ‘We Do The Must-Do’s’ will be about the stuff we have to do so that everyone feels confident and able to do their jobs properly.

Who is this for?

The Four Pillars programmes will be for everyone.

When will this be available?


This is new stuff that we’ll be working on throughout 2019. Expect to see more details in autumn.

How do I find out more?

Whilst this is being developed, have a look at the intranet pages on Workforce and Organisational Development.

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