Digital Ways of Working

What is it?

This is about using modern information technology (IT) and electronic ways of doing things, rather than using paper and pencil or old fashioned systems so that we can be smarter, quicker and safer in what we do. We book our holidays or buy things off the internet at home using IT, why can’t we do things electronically at work?

How will this look?

It means an opportunity for all of us to get ‘tooled up’ with modern ways of working. There’ll be help and support so that we can get familiar with computerised ways of doing stuff. We’ll get new skills for the modern age and learn to love our computers! The way that we introduce new technology is as important as the technology itself. This is how we’ll do it: we’ll make sure we’ve got the right people in the room, discuss any concerns, and actually demonstrate the new technology so that people can have a go before we start to use it officially. We’ll have meetings in the places where people actually do their work so that everyone can understand what everyone else does; we’ll use digital technology when we plan, send invitations, deliver and the record these meetings. We’ll use the Results, Reality, Response tool from the Work Together, Get Results programme to really understand the best way of bringing in digital ways of working.

Who is this for?

Lots of us are already really comfortable with using computerised systems, others will need time, training and support to get there. All of us will need to feel confident about how we capture, use and record information. At CHFT we’re known across the NHS as an organisation that is really good at digital ways of working, so come on on-board!

To help you keep up-to-date with what’s happening at CHFT, we’ve launched our very first CHFT App – it’s quick, easy to download, informative and free!

Use it to:-


  • Read CHFT News and updates
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Guidance on how to download CHFT App is available for Apple and Android devices.

When will this be available?


There’s a ‘digital ways of working’ group who are already looking at how and when people can be supported to get tooled up!

How do I find out more?

Becoming much more savvy about how we use digital ways of working is a really important principle of how we work at CHFT.

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