What is it?

This is a whole range of programmes and activities that are designed to help people to be the very best they can be. It’s about having brilliant people doing brilliant things that deliver brilliant, compassionate care.

How will this look?

This covers things like training, leadership and development. Some of this will be about being trained in, or taught specific skills to do a job. Other stuff will be about exploring attitudes and behaviours so that we get the best out of ourselves and our team mates. We’ve got lots of talented people who have already benefited from training and development at CHFT. Importantly, we need to cash in on this. We’ll be supporting people so that they can pass on their learning, and deliver training to others.

There’s a little list of things that we need to pay attention to. Specifically these are:

  • Essential Safety Training (EST) – does exactly what it says on the tin. It doesn’t matter who we are or how fancy our job title is, this is essential! At the moment, there are 9 subjects that everyone must swot up on and pass a little test to prove that they can carry out their job safely.  Simple.  There are other subjects that we might have to do too, depending on our type of job.  Either way, we’ll make sure that the people who teach this stuff know what they’re talking about (‘subject matter experts’) and that there’s a proper process to agree what is and what isn’t essential. We don’t want this to be a drag either so we’ll make sure that you have protected time to swot up and do the tests.
  • As well as the EST there is also a whole range of other training offerings.  Here’s a quick and easy training directory of courses.  Whether you are in a clinical or non-clinical role there’s something for you!
  • Apprenticeships – You thought these were just about becoming an electrician or a plumber didn’t you? Wrong! These are formal training programmes that go from entry level qualifications right through to master’s degree level and, they cover clinical as well as non-clinical roles. For instance, at CHFT we’ve got people in our labs working to become biomedical scientists through an apprenticeship. There’s funding available, together with our own in-house apprenticeship delivery team plus external providers of apprenticeships too. We’ll make sure that there are properly developed ‘career ladders’ using apprenticeships, and that apprentices and their managers are properly supported to get the best out of these brilliant opportunities.  View our Apprenticeship Strategy for 2019/2020.
  • Our Leadership menu consists of 3 core or ‘set’ dishes plus other  leadership development offerings which are our specials.
  • Aspiring Future Leaders – Are you ready to take the next step in your career?  This programme is an innovative new scheme designed to equip team leaders and first line managers across the Calderdale district with the tools they need to drive high performance.
  • Aspiring Directors – It’s tough at the top so we need really good people on our board of directors. People who show potential and have an ambition to be on the board or to be a chief executive will be supported to help them achieve this.
  • Board Development – Once you’ve got onto the board, it doesn’t stop there. We’ll make sure that our directors are stretched and challenged by learning opportunities, and that they can get hold of really good training and advice about their role.

Who is this for?

We’ll make sure that regardless of how long you’ve been here, or what your role is, there’s a learning or development opportunity for you.


When will this be available?


Lots of this stuff is already available so talk to your line manager about your development now!

How do I find out more?

There’s a really good section on our intranet that covers development opportunities.

Take a look