What is it?

We know that different people have different life experiences. We come from different cultures, with different upbringings, religions and beliefs. We acknowledge this but it’s important that, when we’re at work, we have an agreed set of standards and behaviours that are clear and sensible to everyone. It means that our patients know what to expect from us too.

How will this look?

At CHFT our values are represented by our Four Pillars.
These values are made real by how we behave. It’s pretty straightforward and having agreed behaviours means it’s easier to pull each other up when we fall short.

Who is this for?

Everyone! Whether you’re employed or volunteering, on the board or on your first day, it’s everyone. Simple.

When will this be available?


Now, today, every day

How do I find out more?

There’s some more information about our Four Pillars and behaviours on our intranet.

Take a look